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  • What are lash extensions and how are they maintained?

    Lash extensions are silk or synthetic false lashes glued to isolated natural lashes one by one. An acrylate based adhesive is used to promote long wear and make the lashes water resistant. It is a semipermanent service and requires a re-lash service every 2-3 weeks to refill lashes that shed during the natural hair growth cycle of eyelashes. This service is great for someone who loves to wake up with effortless glam.

  • Do you offer classes on skincare and makeup application?

    Yes. I am available for one on one makeup classes as well as group classes. While I am a licensed professional , I can’t teach everything about skincare, I do offer detailed skin analysis and advise my clients on a customized skin care routine after their visit.

  • I have lots of unwanted hair . Can you please explain the difference between hard and soft waxes?

    Hard ward wax or “strip less wax” is warm and works best by being applied to larger areas of the body. It shrink wraps around the hair without sticking to the skin. This makes it less irritating for intimate areas.

    Soft wax is applied to all areas of the body but specifically smaller areas. It is removed using a cloth muslin or pellon strip. Soft wax does stick to the skin so it doubles as an exfoliating treatment and aides in removing excess dead skin.

  • What is a facial? Why do I need one?

    A facial is a customized skin treatment performed by a professional to help promote healthy skin. The professional grade products and skin manipulations performed in the treatment room yield drastic results.

    It is my belief everyone needs a facial to assess and treat their skin. Our skin is subjected to pollution, free radicals and UVA/UVB rays daily. A regular facial can “peel back” most of that damage and promote healthy, supple and more even skin.

  • If healthy skin is my goal, how do you suggest I get started on a good skin care routine?

    Book a skincare service. Most of my skincare services include a detailed skin analysis to determine your skin type and which products are best for you. The reality is that your skin is the only organ with the ability to heal itself. It is my job to give your skin the push it needs to do what it’s designed to do. This requires about 30% of my professional services and 70% of a home skincare regimen. Together we can make the skin you’ve always dreamed of a reality.